About Company

DKT Technical Services L.L.C is a combination of modern management and strict adherence to quality and operational expertise, considered new and starter by the name but established itself with efficient and well experience labour that had been in this technical industry for almost 2 decades.
We serve customers with wide technical services spectrum with dedicated experts, which form the inner strength of DKT group. DKT Technical Services L.L.C is company organized under the laws of United Arab Emirates with a License No. 754925 and established in 2015 due to the increasing demand in the man power supply under the guiding vision of the Managing Director, Mr. Bhaskar Jaiswal and Chief Executive officer Mr. Ram Vilas Chaurasia. His unwavering objective of helping other people especially those who aspire to work overseas particularly in Dubai inspired him to venture in this type of business.

Customer satisfaction, Integrity and commitment in all aspects of business are the core values of our organization.


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